Business Rules

AGB – General legally binding business rules of
M.A.N.I. Verlag - Manfred Alexander Klutmann
Noelleweg 6 - DE-58511 Lüdenscheid, DEUTSCHLAND
For practical use of this ONLINE-service these AGB can be printed.
For environmental reasons it’s recommended to print this page on
recycled paper.
§ 1 Validity
These business rules are valid for the digital content overall. All
exceptions from these rules need a written base.
§ 2 Warranty
The user has the right of one successful DOWNLOAD. If this DOWN-
LOAD wasn’t done successfully, it has to be declared to M.A.N.I. Verlag.
§ 3 Delivery
After confirmation of your payment for the digital content the user gets
announced his DOWNLOAD-link or the corresponding Data (Pdf).
§ 4 Utilization
The user gets access to the offers of the M.A.N.I. Verlag. This offer is
obtainable at 24 hours per day.
§ 5 Copyright
The digital content of the M.A.N.I. Verlag is protected by copyright.
The user has accepted this copyright. Therefore the user has no rights
to give away this digital content via Internet, Intranets, Extranets or
other channels to other user(s). Copying for own or other businesses
of this digital content is explicitly excluded.
§ 6 Contract
With the payment in advance of the digital content the user is making
a contract with M.A.N.I. Verlag. The user is obliged to pay the digital
content. If the payment of this contract is given back the bank gets
the allowance to inform M.A.N.I. Verlag about the name and address
of the user at the very same day.
§ 7 Withdrawal
After successful DOWNLOAD of the digital content a withdrawal of
the digital content and back payment is excluded.
§ 8 Law
German law is valid. Place of fulfilment is DE-58511 Luedenscheid.
Luedenscheid, 26-OCT-2012
Manfred Klutmann (born 24-DEC-1949 in DE-Bonn DEUTSCHLAND)


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