Data Protect

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation - EU-2016/679)


The Edition Company M.A.N.I. Verlag is working - among others - within the European Law and according to the new:

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

dated 04-MAY-2016 and all official follow-ups and corrections during the years 2016/18 and 2021.

Concerning this new EU-Law in respect of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the following subjects and issues are fundamentally important for the daily work of M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor):

  01. Records of Processing Activities
  02. Right of Access
  03. eMail-Marketing
  04. Personal Data

Just two fields of products of M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) concern 01. Records of Processing Activities:

  A.) the published book "Hollywood stories:..." 
  B.) Photos + Paintings

For the above mentioned book under 01.A.) "Hollywood stories:" M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) registers only the addresses of incoming orders into its digital program, for granting save delivery of their products. Personal Data will be temporary stored and deleted according to binding Law, but never used by M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) for any other purposes.

The above mentioned issue is correspondent to the products: Photos + Paintings under 01.B.).

Eventually by official State Authorities or Third Persons demanded Rights of Access mentioned under 02. will be guided by M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) towards the concerning addresses or addressees. From these actions no economic charges or claims against M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) can be made or derived from. This has been excluded and is part by IMPRINT of the book "Hollywood stories:" as well.

M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) is not doing any eMail-Marketing mentioned under 03. at all, therefore no relevant activities concerning GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679) is taking place.

Any other eventually relevant "Personal Data" (mentioned under 04.) in the published book "Hollywood stories:" or the extended version in Internet by M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) is based on communication in detail by print media, radio- or TV-stations from domestic or foreign countries. All these materials has been checked and controlled by M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) concerning credibility and suitability of facts by best knowledge and conscience. After a written release by Data Protection Officer (DPO) of M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) only, any new publication has been done.

Responsible in all questions concerning above mentioned GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation - EU-2016/679) is:

M.A.N.I. Verlag (Editor) 
Noelleweg 6
DE - 58511 Luedenscheid
info @

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