Why “A”?

why a


Why "A"?

Why did I write a screenplay with two parts like an "A"- and a "B"-part? The answer is simple like this: Herbie, the father of my wife, was looking for some plants to protect our house in Spain from gliding down the hill of our ground in the mountains. When he told me his intention, I had the feeling that he had been instructed to do this or that he got a hint out of a foreign master plan, because that this was the bad intention of some unknown enemies for the further future of our home.

Maybe it was my own mistake not to ask Herbie about the reasons of his eager actions all around the planting of new trees between the house and the swimming pool, but I would have preferred that Herbie would have instructed me and my wife in a more responsible and team orientated spirit then he did in reality. That was one reason for my part "A" and "B" version in the screenplay. - The other reason is the bible itself, in which it is written that the Saviour of the World comes with a white horse. I wanted that the Saviour in my screenplay arrives with a white racing car, its simple like that. Richard Gere realized it in the film "Pretty Woman", when he successfully conquered his beloved and waiting Julia Roberts with a huge white stretch limousine like a knight in a fairy tale. I can only say to this: "Well done, good old boy, very well done!!!"