Oil colors by Manolo d´Alessandro

Bison in Altamira cave (North of Spain)

Camel rider in front of pyramids of Gizeh (Egypt)


fotowww vkarte schmidt


Apache- Indian in front of stony Monument Valley
Visit card of Gallery Udo Schmidt, DE-58511 Lüdenscheid
Wonder-Gene: Leonardo and Ferrari Cavallino logo with
spiral DNA




EVO-ART: Color self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci by Manolo

Leonardo da Vinci: Vitruvian Golden Cut

Leonardo da Vinci: smiling Mona Lisa Giaconda




EVO-ART: Picasso – the picture of destruction – GUERNICA 26-APRIL-1937 (in color)

EVO-ART: Colored Cartoon of Mister Undercover Ex-Chancellor Dr. Gerhard Schröder

Picasso: male torso in colored glass mosaic

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Picasso: Act of love in color (EVO-ART by Manolo)

Vincent van Gogh: Iris with sales data New York 1987 Sotheby´s for 53,99 Million US-Dollars

Hal Foster: Prince Valiant MAGIC ALETA (King Features Syndicate New York/ TM The Hearst Corporation/ Licensing BULLS PRESS DE-6322 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland)




Claudia Schiffer´s Agenda

Cafes of Artists at Paris HEYNE Verlag Munich, Guestbook Café de Flore with prominent signatures

Cheryl Foster (green hair) by EGO-magazine




Cheryl Foster (blond hair) by EGO-magazine

METROPOLIS Hollywood Film-Poster von Fritz Lang 1927

Wherever you might go underground or want to duck: GOD sees you!!!




Original from Lüdenscheid: Uncle Willy with his dog at the Stern place

That is the enemy: AIDS virus

Towers of the Casino at Monte Carlo (view from the park)




Monaco Grand Prix poster 1936 by Gottam with Auto-Union and Alfa-Romeo racing cars at Rascasse corner

RIAL-Formula One car with the F1-pilot and RTL-F1-TV-reporter Christian Danner in Super-Zoom (Photo: Rainer Schlegelmilch Stuttgart)

RTL-TV: fine-tuned heat picture of a hot Formula One Pirelli tyre by Sergio Perez pilot (Mexico) of Sauber F1-Team (Switzerland)




Michael Schumacher: seven times Formula One World Champion in his Mercedes-Petronas F1-car on the ideal line at Monte Carlo – Monaco Grand Prix 2011

Fernando Alonso: two times Formula One World Champion in his Ferrari F 150 at Hottel de Paris – Monaco Grand Prix 2011 

Felipe Massa: the Brazilian Formula One pilot in his Ferrari F 150 at Massenet-Casino –S-corner at Monaco 2011




Fernando Alonso: the Formula One man with the golden Helmet (Rembrandt-Netherlands) in his Ferrari F 150 – Monaco 2011

Enzo Ferrari: thanks and greetings of Scuderia Ferrari Automobili S.E.F.A.C founder and the Company logo the black prancing horse

Sebastian Vettel: three time Formula One World Champion followed by his team colleague Mark Webber (both RED BULL-Renault F1– Monaco 2011)

fotowww rennwagen



Lotus-Renault F1 racing car in photographic fine tuning (Massenet corner Monaco 2011)

Super-Yacht in the Caribbean Sea (Colored glass mosaic)

Super Blackbird SR 71: the fastest aero fighter of the world (source: P.M. magazine, Peter Moosleitner)




Rolls-Royce Ghost Corniche Cabriolet at Mirabeau corner – Monaco 2011

Three drops of blood by a Chrystal Jesus Christ are falling down into the Holy Grale of Joseph de Arimathaae

Paris-France: Cathedral Sacre-Coeur lays at the top of the Quartier Montmatre




EVO-ART as a character symphony by Manolo d´Alessandro: ACD


The value of ART


The blue stamp from the African island Mauritius is two square-centimeters small only, but has the big value of two millions of US-Dollars or EUROs.

Is it possible, that an oil painting- or a photo-ART-work might be worth the same sum? Yes, she can! And from this you may calculate the value of bigger versions of ART as well.

Ten square-Centimeters would have a value of 20 million US-Dollars or EUROs. Hundred square-Centimeters are the equivalent of 200 million and 1.000 square-centimeters are two billions of Dollars or EUROs. 70 centimeters multiplied with 70 centimeters again result in 4.900 square centimeters, which represented the sum of ten billion US-Dollars or EUROs.

This represents quite exactly the value of a special Manolo oil painting today:

The Holy Grale: 10 billion US-Dollars or EUROs.

A proud sum for an unique painting. But as a photo from this oil painting the value will be downsized to lower price scale: 314,- US-Dollars or EUROs per square centimeters. Result is: 1.5 million US-Dollars or EUROs for a Manolo-Photo on canvas in the measurements of 60 x 80 centimeters. The edition of these photos will be limited down under ten issues: E-I-G-H-T, to be precise.

Quality costs energy, richness of ideas, technical know-how and much time. Time only costs money, is said in the vernacular. What will the whole amount of action be worth to create a masterpiece of ART? Whatever it may cost, there will be people, who want to own an artwork and who are able to pay any amount asked for this masterpiece of ART. For these richest of the rich people, international art collectors with V.I.P.-status worldwide Manolo ART is created, and for the knowing observers in the museum or privately owned collections of ART in this world. Masterpieces of Art created by the spirit and the blood of the 777-man: Manolo.

Simply photos tuned by Manolo at computers and printed on canvas have an even more downsized value: exactly 21 Us-Dollars or EUROs (the multiplying factor today is 1.32) per square centimeter. Art can be low priced. But well done and admired ART is valuable and will increase in value and price. Sometimes this ART will be immensely valuable, later it will become inaccessible. But this Art will bring human mankind to the spheres of the future, to cross the borders of the known thoughts of the spirits of the brain. This is the way progress of the world is functioning: to think the unthinkable, mainly new ideas and methods, not yet developed, that the human mankind may be able to find and start working, making and producing new kinds of enterprises which create the outcome and luck for the world and their inhabitants.



fotowww vkarte schmidt

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Exposition – Manolo d´Alessandro
organised by Gallery Udo Schmidt
in Märkische Art School
An artist with a big future! 
Very good ambience… is recommended
It´s very good! Your fan Franzi!
The encouragements have quality. Conny Mühlen

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GB IMG_8435

GB IMG_8438

A big and good experience
Super, carry on… Highly interesting ideas
and performances, carry on in this way
Stay as good as you are! Your father Alfredo.
What a pleasure, your Ingrid-mother

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GB IMG_8447

GB IMG_8449


Very impressive! I am fascinated about your paintings
and your interpretations and thoughts about peace.
Easiness and reflections of our time are mirrored in
your pictures. Thanks by class 5 c Bergstadt-Gymnasium

GB IMG_8451

GB IMG_8453

GB IMG_8457

Manfredo! When you was a little child, I felt
that something very great is in your spirit,
your aunt Margot Krugmann
Dear brother – My hearty wishes of luck for your very successful exposition. I admire your power and your
courage. Martin
A Chinese word says “Be happy, it´s better than you think! -  It was nice being with you, we are very happy.
Anne & Klaus

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GB IMG_8459

GB IMG_8460

The sun of your heart smiles from each
of your paintings! Fantastic! Cornelia Hilpert
A big compliment to the exposition and the artist,
carry on like this! All my love Heide
I am deeply impressed.
The spectrum is really extremely huge.

GB IMG_8461

GB IMG_8462

GB IMG_8463

The paintings of Manolo are refreshing.
We send greetings from Sri Lanka
and many greetings from Greece.
Finally powerful colors in this grey world,
let´s go to the rainbow: DEUTSCHE BANK AG

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GB IMG_8469

gb v-karte rückseite 
fotowww vkarte schmidt




So much feelings and knowledge in your paintings!
So much life! Inna Regina Kiew - Ralf Schmidt Halver
A complete, not planned surprise –
We are very impressed Gerd, Annemarie und Ilse